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As some  may be aware, Sawley churchyard is full to new graves and it is not feasible to extend.Therefore, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) has taken the decision to put in place the formal procedures to close the Churchyard. This does not mean there will not be public access to the graveyard – this will continue as before  and burials of ashes in existing family graves where space exists will still be possible

This process will involve both the Parish and Borough councils and will take at least three months to come to a conclusion. In the meantime, the Church will maintain the churchyard and hand it over in an agreed condition to the body that assumes responsibility for it.

We appreciate that this is a sensitive issue. Please be assured that public access to the churchyard will be unaffected.

The PCC is aware that there may be some concerns within the community.

Please direct any specific questions to the Church Wardens, either through this  Website or ourFacebook page( Parish of Sawley) or via the Parish Administrator who will pass on your contact details and we will get in touch to address any questions

Yours faithfully,

Phil Ormerod

Kristin Simmons           Church Wardens

Website: Parishofsawley.co.uk  

 Facebook: Parish of Sawley Community

Administrator- 0115 9460084 or Sawleyparish@gmail.com

 Warden’s mobile  07546553974





2 thoughts on “Our Churchyard

  1. Mrs. D Sheffield

    I have been tending graves initially my grandmothers then my parents and this has been for the past sixty or more years. Over the past few years I and others I have met at the churchyard have been appalled at the state this graveyard sometimes gets into .My husband and I have even brought a van and our large lawnmower and mowed several of the surrounding graves near my parents grave but the grass has been far too long and therefore we find it difficult to do. We now have to trudge through the long grass to get to the grave we tend.Bearing in mind we were told that there could be no kerbstones wouldn’t it be easier for a mower to go up and down the rows if this was put into practice.As the grass seems to be strimmed leaving great mess surely a mower would be more suitable……that is if anyone is going to take over.!!!!!! Our concern now is that this graveyard is going to deteriorate even more .WHY when other graveyards are kept neat and tidy.We are elderly ourselves and travel 26 miles each way trying our upmost to keep the graves as they should be and try to get there every 2 weeks or so.We were there on 17th June and sadly we could not get near my grandmothers grave for the length of the grass surrounding it. Who is going to” takeover” as you state in your notice at the church ?
    We would appreciate your reply.
    Yours sincerely
    Mr & Mrs Sheffield.


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