Diary w/c 7th January

 Sunday 7th January

9.00am     Holy Communion                       St Mary’s

                      Psalm 78:1-8 Mark 1:6-12


10.30am   Family Worship                          All Saints’



6.00pm      Evensong                                  All Saints’           

                     Isaiah 42:1-9    Ephesians 2:1-10


7.00pm      Youth Group                            Church Hall


 Monday 8th January

10.45am    Funeral Cecil Wilcox                    All Saints’

1.30pm      Knit and Natter                             St Mary’s


Tuesday 9th January                

12 noon     Cornergate                                 Church Hall


Wednesday 10th January

9.30am      Holy Communion                             St Mary’s

                  With refreshments afterwards

1.30pm      Little Saints’                             Church Hall


Thursday 11th January

11.30am        SMILE                                            St Mary’s

7.00pm          Deanery Synod             All Saints’ Marlpool


Sunday  14th January                         

9.00am          Holy Communion                          St Mary’s

Revelation 5:1-10   John 1:43-end


10.30am  Family Communion                          All Saints’





7.00pm      Youth Group                                  Church Hall


Newsletter items to  sawleyparish@gmail.com

Parish Administration    Angela Clayton  01159460084

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