Tony Street


Rector: Reverend Tony Street  0115  9734900    

Email :


Parish Administrator  and Hall Bookings Angela Clayton    0115 9460084

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Phil Ormerod

Kristin Simmons


Parish Safeguarding Links

 (any queries or concerns)

Phil Ormerod (Children)        07765901880                                                                                                      Janet Micklewright(Adults)    07906367553

6 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Katherine

    We have a meeting booked with Tony on 26th September at 2pm however is there a day where we could simply look around the church please. We seem to pass by most weekends and would love to just pop in and have a look around but we always seem to catch it when it is closed. My parents and auntie got married in the church over 30 years ago and we would love to keep the tradition going. So if you could please advise me on the days and times we could have a look around that would be great.

    Kind regards

    Katherine Osborne.

    1. Admin Post author

      The church is always open on Sunday from approx 9.30am till the start of the service at 10.30am. Of course you are welcome at the family service. After that finbishes at approx 11.45 the church is open til around 12.30. On the first and Third Sundays you could come from 5.15 to 5.45 before the evening service.

  2. Margaret Warburton

    On behalf of staff,volunteers and residents of Queenswood Resedential Home we would like to sat a very big thank you for your hospitality this afternoon.
    As always the flowers were exceptional and the tea was fantastic!
    It is one of our highlights of the year visiting you. This year we managed to bring 19 residents who throughly enjoyed themselves.
    Look forward to next year!

  3. Jonathan Roseveare

    Hi Reverend,
    As an ex serviceman of 24 years would it be possible to give a small reading on remembrance Sunday? I live locally so I could meet up with you to discuss further if required?

    Many thanks in advance,


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