What we do

Church isn’t a mystery to those who attend, but if you are not used to coming to church, it can appear a bit daunting.  Here are some general ideas about why we do what we do.  You can go to tips for visitors if you are planning on coming along, for more info.

What is church?

Most people think it’s the building, but it is mainly the people.  When Christians gather together to talk about God, that is generally called a church – it could meet in a hall, a home, a school or an ancient building – but it’s the people that count!

Why do you go to church?

We believe God is alive and present in our world and we want to share our lives with him.  We meet together to encourage one another, to offer our thoughts and concerns (prayer), to tell him we love him (worship), to listen to him and study his word (reading and listening to the Bible and a talk or sermon)

What’s is like?

Some service are quiet and reflective, others are more energetic and fun – there are variety of styles of service to choose from, you just need to pick the one that suits you best.

Where do I sit?

We currently have pews at All Saints’ and chairs at St Mary’s.  You can sit wherever you like – no one has ‘rights’ to any particular seat.  You will be welcomed as you arrive and if you are unsure about anything please ask.

I’m worried about ‘getting it wrong’

There are no right or wrong ways about being in church – just follow everyone else on the standing up and sitting down – though usually the service leader will be clear in what is going on and what is being read or done next.

Who are the people?

Each service has a service leader and a preacher or speaker.  They are the people who will tell you when to stand, sit or what hymn to sing or page to turn to.  They are always available at the end of the service if you would like to speak to them.

Children in church

Children are always very welcome in church, whatever their age. There is room for prams and pushchairs. We have storybags for those who are 3+ and babies are always a joy to welcome.  If  your child is  distressed or restless, please feel free take them for a walk round  or to play with the toys in the corner or to use the changing facilities or toilets in our church hall. Come back in when they are ready, don’t worry you won’t disturb the speaker. We want your experience of church to be good for all of you.At our 10.30am service at Al saints’ there is usually a Sunday Club for children over 4 or activities within the service for children to join in with

But I have a disability

All Saints’ has level access, room for wheelchairs, a hearing loop and wheelchairs available to borrow.  In addition we have some ‘backfriend’ seat frames for those who find the pews uncomfortable.

There is also an accessible toilet in the hall

St Mary’s has level access to the main body of the church, a hearing loop and accessible toilet. There is room within the grounds for cars of those with mobility problems.

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